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RTO experiences with ASQA from the front line-Part 2 - CAQA Resources
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RTO experiences with ASQA from the front line-Part 2

We are continuing to share the RTO experiences from the front line with the current regulatory body of vocational education and training, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

1. Completely unjust and untrue grounds used by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for RTO rejection   

2. No exit meeting with the RTO, no information regarding where an organisation is compliant or non-compliant, no investigation of complaint and no one to hear the injustice that happened to the RTOs.

3. Completely unprofessional behaviour from the regulatory body with contradictory statements and malicious conduct throughout 

4. Allegations and unfounded claims without any truth 

5. You can be either compliant or non-compliant; not compliant and then in the next submission or hearing non-compliant 

6. Where is consistency in the regulatory practice? 

7. ASQA and its officers indulged in completely unprofessional and unethical practices 

8. ASQA auditors not following their own legislative and regulatory guidelines and requirements. 

9. No clarity or setting up expectations and ever changing the goal-posts 

10. Preparing and circulating completely bogus maps with highly confidential details to public and other RTOs to “destroy” Australian businesses and individuals 

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