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In an effort to reform education, Peter Dutton calls for change

In an effort to reform education, Peter Dutton calls for change

Peter Dutton, the Opposition Leader has called for a change to the way the national policy framework for training and education is developed, monitored, and implemented to reform Australia's education system.

Mr Dutton said at a press conference that unions and activists are driving the current system, which negatively impacts the learning of students.

According to him, Australian parents are "bewildered by what their children come home with" and the Liberal Party will focus on education reform as part of its new policy agenda.

The comments follow a controversial opinion by liberal senator Hollie Hughes, who claimed the education system is "basically run by Marxists".

Mr Dutton's response to these concerns is encouraging, as it is clear that there is widespread dissatisfaction with Australia's education system. Only time will tell whether Government will pay attention to his feedback and whether it will make a difference.

Source: Peter Dutton flags education reform | Sky News Australia

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