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Achieve RTO excellence with our premium learner resources and assessment packs. Meticulously crafted by subject matter experts, instructional designers, and RTO professionals, our materials are backed by a CAQA team renowned for their awards and recognitions. Simplify compliance, maximise learner outcomes, and elevate your RTO with our quality-assured solutions.

About Us

Our Expertise In Developing RTO Resources And Access To Industry Professionals Is What Sets Us Apart.

We started with audit and compliance support and developed into RTO resources publishers for the simple reason that we couldn’t find any compliant learning and assessment resources in the market. Our vocational education and training resources have been tried, tested and they are audit-ready and easily accessible via our online RTO Resources store.

We develop a range of RTO resources training and assessment material for RTOs, TAFEs and Universities, including Learner Guides, Assessments, Mapping, Assessor Guides, RPL and LLN packages. All learning and assessment resources are available for purchase at CAQA online stores and from third-party resellers.

Our RTO training and assessment resources are developed to meet the needs and requirements of students at the right AQF level. This provides ease of mind to training organisations and makes training and learning easier.

We provide more than 50,000 different types of training products for RTOs to choose from. There is a great possibility that you will be able to locate practically any training product that you are looking for on the CAQA official site.  

Our services also include RTO consultancy support with RTO registration, Re-registrations, Audit support, Addition to scope and more.

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Key Features

of Our Comprehensive RTO Training and Assessment Resources

Audit Support

We provide audit assistance. Please read here for further information.

Lifetime Updates

All our RTO resources come with free lifetime updates (Until the qualification/unit is superseded and not equivalent)

Unlimited License

Pay for your RTO resources once and use it for an unlimited number of learners

Adaptable RTO Resources

Our RTO resources can be customised to different delivery modes and learner cohorts

Largest Range

We have over 50,000 quality RTO resources available to purchase straight away.

Fully Editable

We provide fully editable RTO resources so you can make changes as required

Student Centric

Our resources prioritise a student-centred approach, allowing the learner to learn at their own pace and truly understand the content.

SCORM availability

Our resources are flexible and easy to use across different learning management systems, improving the overall learning experience.

Industry validated

Our expert-approved training resources are practical and effective for learners looking to advance their careers.

Top-notch RTO materials

CAQA Resources provides top-notch RTO materials, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional education.

Complete package

We offer comprehensive training packages for the majority of our courses, which include assessments and resources for learners.

Award winning organisation

When you buy resources from us, you can trust that you are choosing the best. We are a 14-year-old organisation in Australia that has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Extensive Range of RTO Training Packages

We provide RTO resources from the following VET training packages. Find Your RTO's Perfect fit by exploring our huge collection

Compliance And Quality Assurance

Support for issues related to RTO (Registered Training Organisation) requirements

Australia's largest
range of online RTO resources

We develop a range of RTO resources, training and assessment material for RTOs, TAFEs and Universities, including Learner Guides, Unit Knowledge guides, Assessments, Powerpoints, Mapping, Assessor Guides, RPL and LLN packages, TAS, vocational placement kits.

We offer a comprehensive range of RTO resources

for Australian Qualification levels ranging from Course, Certificate I, II to Graduate Diploma to equip you with the skills necessary for a rewarding career. At CAQA Resources, we provide comprehensive VET resources for 600+ qualifications, 1000+ units of competency, and 28+ training packages including ICT, BSB, CHC, CPC, NUR, SIT, TAE, HLT, RII, and more.

Pre-Order Rto Resources

We never stop developing quality RTO resources. Now it is possible to pre-order upcoming RTO resources.

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Case Studies

CAQA Has A Long History Of Providing Professional Development Activities with the new regulatory requirements

CAQA is a specialist consulting firm that provides professional development services to training organisations and their staff members. Our team of experts....

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Validation Of Over 1000 Units Completed Within The Agreed-Upon Timeframe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you confirm that your training and assessment resources are the most up-to-date in the market?

Yes, we can confirm our resources are the most up-to-date as we regularly monitor training package updates. This means we are first to market with RTO training materials and assessment tools that support changes to a unit of competency.

Can I customise the training and assessment resources purchased from CAQA Resources?

Yes, you can customise them to meet the needs of your learner cohort and delivery mode. The training resources are provided in Microsoft Office files. All our resources are provided as unlocked copies.

Can the units and qualifications offered be applied to all Australian states and territories?

Yes. In the case of learners subject to specific legislation or industry-specific information, you will have to adapt the training and assessment resources, but the materials are provided in an easy-to-edit format and are flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of your RTO and learners.

Do you offer a guarantee of compliance with your training and assessment products?

The meaning of "compliance" varies depending on the interpretations, expectations, and opinions of each auditor that we have experienced when auditing RTOs.

Providing compliance guarantees is impossible for us. In terms of quality, we can control what goes into our training resources. Whenever there is an issue with our assessment tools, we offer rectification assistance.

Our license agreements provide more information about this guarantee.

As part of our development process, we follow industry best practices and perform several quality assurance steps (such as multiple rounds of validation and Subject Matter Expert consultation) to ensure that the resource is of the highest quality possible. Based on personal and client feedback, we have continually refined our assessment processes over the past decade. In addition, our materials are extensively mapped to the requirements of the units.

Elevate Your Training with CAQA

Quality Resources and Unmatched Support

Experience the confidence of guaranteed compliance with CAQA's industry-leading training and assessment resources. Our meticulous development process ensures your RTO Materials are audit-ready.
We stand behind our products with unwavering confidence, ready to address any issues that may arise during an audit, at no cost to you. With CAQA, you can focus on delivering outstanding courses while we ensure the integrity and compliance of our unaltered materials.
Our dedicated team is here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the audit process with ease. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your training materials are backed by a company that truly cares about your success.
Discover the power of our Compliance Promise – contact our expert team today!

Elevate Your Training with CAQA


We appreciate the support that CAQA has and continues to provide in maintaining compliance and achieving 100% success in our ASQA RTO reregistration audit. You really give us fantastic support and assistance.

- RTO Melbourne

CAQA resources has been the backbone of our RTO for resources. Our Audit was cleared without any rectification even when the Training Package was on High risk. Highly recommend CAQA resources. Sukh and Michelle are always there to assist even on their day off. Thank you.

- Neeraj Khurana Director, Institute Of Science Management & Technology

We are really impressed on Sukh and his team’s experience in dealing with different compliance issues and governing bodies with exceptional outlook on identifying gaps within a short period of time. His high level of professionalism, commitment and dedication in getting our RTO Registration was very sublime.
His strong attention to detail and guidance throughout the audit process helped us to understand clearly the key requirements for our initial registration.
We highly recommend Sukh and his team for their skilled services to ensure compliance quality systems are in place.

-MAHENDRA AND BHAVI Directors Australian College for Excellence Pty Ltd., Melbourne

The course was very well structured, efficiently conducted, and built using a blend of core and customised content that we had requested. Being new to running an RTO this has filled in all my gaps, ones I knew, and those I did not know I had.

I found Sukh and Michelle incredibly knowledgeable, constantly providing real-life examples for us to learning from. It is an added benefit to have two people who remain as active consultants in the space bringing us the most recent examples to share in the learning.

I would suggest any person new to leading an RTO invest in this training, I wish I had done this earlier, it will help you make more informed decisions as you get your RTO up and running.

- Luke Kenny Local Government Procurement

It was nice to meet you and thank you for all the support and consulting services that you provided to us during our audit.
With great pleasure, I have no hesitation to recommend your resources and services to anyone who may be willing to purchase from you. Your support and guidance and friendly service during audit was parallel to none. Your company has provided very professional, honest, dependable services to us.
Hopefully, we will be in touch sometime soon for other services that you provide which we have not utilised yet.

-GOPAL POKHAREL Chief Executive Officer, Australian National Academy of Education (ANAE)

These are by far the best I have seen in my search so far. Really good visually and lots of real workplace examples and drawings.

- SHERLYN MOYNIHAN Training and Quality Manager, New South Wales

We found your staff very approachable and always willing to help others.

-ANU ARORA IT officer, Bureau of Meteorology, Environmental Services, Melbourne

The services we received were outstanding. You have top quality people working in your organization with excellent interpersonal skills.

- CEO RTO - Perth

Awards &


Hume Business Awards

Finalist in the Professional Services Category


ASIA Business Outlook

Most trusted brands in education, training, assessment resources, risk management, and compliance

Highly Recommended

2023 Australian Achiever Awards

Highly Recommended in the Consultancy, Training & Employment Services category


Industry Outlook Awards

Winner of the leader in compliant training and assessment solutions


Outlook Business Icons Awards 2022




Super 20 Companies 2022



World's Best Brands & Business Leaders 2023


CIO Insider Awards 2022

Delivering quality outcomes in Training & Education, Compliance, and Risk Management, while setting several benchmarks in the industry

We Provide

Best Quality Resources






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Quality Assurance

Why Choose CAQA Resources?

Do you want to expand the reach of your RTO business? Use our compliant RTO materials for a range of VET courses to deliver quality learning experiences.

With 25+ years of experience in the RTO industry, our team of VET and subject matter experts can provide you with the resources you need to succeed in today's RTO environment.

  • Developing quality RTO learner resources is a big task. But we're big too! We pride ourselves on our ability to make finding the right materials easy at an affordable price.
  • Our Expertise In Developing RTO Resources And Access To Industry Professionals Is What Sets Us Apart.
  • Our RTO learning and assessment materials are validated and updated frequently to ensure you're up to date with the current industry, training package, and regulatory requirements.
  • We have a variety of training resources available to meet your RTO’s delivery mode: for the classroom, distance, online or workplace delivery.


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