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VET International Engagement Strategy 2025 launched

The Morrison Government has reaffirmed its commitment to ensure Australian VET sector continues to play a significant role in contributing to the development of a highly skilled workforce by lodging Vocational Education and Training International Engagement Strategy 2025. Australia’s first National Strategy for International Education 2025 enables Australia’s international education sector to be more innovative, future-focused and globally engaged.

It further strengthens our international reputation for high quality education and training, drives collaboration in education and research, and increases opportunities for Australian providers and communities. Consistent with the National Strategy for International Education 2025, the Australian International Education 2025 Roadmap, and the Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy 2016–2020, implementation will be a collaborative effort between the sector, industry and government.

The Vocational Education and Training International Engagement Strategy 2025 seeks to deliver on the international potential of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector and its important role in meeting the rapidly changing global skills needs of businesses, employees, students and countries around the world. The strategy builds on the sector’s strengths and achievements to further enhance Australia’s competitive advantages in the provision of training and skills development globally.

The National Strategy is based on three broad pillars:

  • strengthening the fundamentals of Australia’s education, training and research system and our regulatory, quality assurance and consumer protection arrangements
  • transformative partnerships between people, institutions and governments, at home and abroad
  • competing globally by responding to global education and skills needs and taking advantage of emerging opportunities.


The main action areas are: 
  • Action 1:  Ensure consistent Australian Government promotion, branding and messaging
  • Action 2:  Encourage greater community support for onshore international VET students
  • Action 3:  Build strategic linkages with bilateral partners, multilateral forums and international agencies responsible for skills development
  • Action 4:  Increase market access opportunities offshore
  • Action 5:  Encourage and promote more open models of training and products for delivery
  • Action 6:  Promote Australia’s VET frameworks and systems internationally to create opportunities for Australian VET providers
  • Action 7:  Promote international collaboration to improve labour market data collection, to identify and address changes in international skills demand
  • Action 8:  Encourage greater business-to-business engagement, including leveraging Austrade networks and Australia’s VET alumni
  • Action 9:  Strengthen the foundations of international VET delivery to appropriately skill the global workforce
  • Action 10:  Provide VET students, graduates and staff with opportunities to prosper in the global economy.


    Measures of success are measured through the following strategic objectives: 
    • more international students from a diverse range of countries continue to access Australian VET both in Australia and overseas
    • more countries refer to the Australian VET system as a benchmark to inform the development of domestic industry-responsive training systems, leading to stronger bilateral, regional and multilateral partnerships
    • Australian VET qualifications continue to be widely recognised and valued by employers and governments internationally
    • the Australian VET system continues to produce graduates with the appropriate skills and knowledge to compete in a global labour market
    • international VET students continue to be satisfied with the quality of their VET study experience in Australia
    • international demand for Australian expertise on VET system design and governance reform, including bespoke training courses that meet firm-specific skills needs, continues to grow.


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    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits
    CAQA Resources Learner Resources, RPL Kits, LLN Kits, Assessment Kits