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Self-Study Guide-BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding

Self-Study Guide-BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding

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Our self-study guide supports your learners in understanding the underpinning knowledge of the training package. It assists trainers to deliver effective, engaging and compliant classroom or webinar delivery of the qualification/unit.

Please note: This is not a learner guide. The self-study guide contains references and links for students to read additional information related to their units of competency or course and as additional support to the learner guide. We provide a comprehensive learner guide as a separate document.

Self-Study Guide

The self-study guide is a tool that can be used to help a student extend their learning. It can be effective when students begin to prepare for a summative assessment.

We provide all documents to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily customise them as required. You are free to rebrand and reproduce these within your registered training organisation (RTO). Our learner and assessment resources can be used for an unlimited number of students within your RTO. Do not forget about our QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE!

RTOs purchase a license for their RTO only and are not permitted to share the documents with any other entity. Purchasers are asked to agree to a license agreement to this effect prior to purchase.